October 25, 2010

On October 25th I returned to Ft Worth. Malcolm Warner had already introduced me to Andy Klemmer the construction manager of the job, who introduced me to Jim Thillen the Senior Superintendent (the guy responsible for running the whole job for Beck, the contractor). Andy and Jim are both extremely professional and good at their jobs, as well as being good guys and generous toward me. Jim had me sign a liability waiver, then he gave me a Beck hard hat and vest and access to the construction site.

The construction fence had already gone up around the site, and the day I arrived they began taking down trees to make way for the construction equipment entry and exit. On the first trees that they knocked over I found some beautiful red clay caked in the roots. I dug some out by hand and filled the first two five gallon buckets with clay. Over the next couple of days the site was completely cleared of trees. I was able to borrow a chain saw from the excavators and cut some logs from three different types of trees, Oak, Cedar and Elm. The ash from each type of wood will react differently in glazes. Also on this trip I got buckets of water from the Kimbell fountain, gravel from the forecourt by the entrance, some driveway pavers and miscelaneous rocks from the site. In addition I was given permission to get materials from the site at Ando’s Fort Worth Modern next door. Their facilities manager, Scott Grant, allowed me to take water and gravel from the pond, and he gave me a large slab of granite left over from the construction of the entrance path.

I was unable to rent a pick up truck on this trip, so I had to load my generic rental sedan with everything and take it to the storage locker (many trips).

First few buckets of materials plus cedar on left and elm on right.

This machine knocks the trees down, big trees, knocked down quickly.

Getting me an oak tree

How the locker looked at the end of this trip, now there is oak as well along the back wall.

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