Clay #2

At this point I have five distinct types of clay from different areas on the site. See an earlier post from November 2010 for the test results of clay number one and a basic description of the cleaning and preparing process. Clay number two is redish and I have about 2,000 lbs of it. Number two was not happy being turned into slip and cast. Nor was it very nice to throw. At lower temperatures, like cone 05 it is a nice pink / red color, but after it sits for a while, post firing, some white mineral starts to float to the surface and undermine the structural integrity of the surface. The white mineral then turns into a thick powder and the clay itself starts to shale off the surface. Firing the clay hotter, like to cone 5, it goes green and melts. At cone ten it completely melts into a puddle on the kiln shelf and has some black iron spots. No use as a clay body at that temperature, but shows that it may be useful as the basis of a glaze. Here are some pictures of the test results so far for clay number two.

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