Clay #4

Clay #4 came out of the ground on a deep drilling auger which was making holes about 20″ deep for steel columns in the ground. I scraped it off of the auger bit. It is white and creamy, and had a lot of rocks in it, very different than the other clays on the site, and I have about 600 lbs of it.

It wasn’t bad to throw, but behaved very strangely after firing to any temperature. It came out of the kilns looking fine, nice white pots, then as the pots sat on the work table, they slowly decomposed, completely, eventually into a pile of dust. By the time it was done breaking down it felt like baby powder. The last picture shows the pots, cast and thrown, before I touched them at all. Once they are touched they become like dust. I’m not sure what to do with this clay, maybe a performance piece / time lapse film with slowly decomposing pots.


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