105 degrees in Ft Worth

It’s mid July and I’m back at The Kimbell. Construction is moving along slowly. The weather is so hot, over 100 degrees every day, that the construction site is running from 6:00 am to 2:30 pm to try to beat the heat. This morning I was on site at 5:30 am and watched the sun come up over the Kimbell, which was a pretty special thing to see.

Then I did some heavy duty dumpster diving to get materials from the new building. I got some rebar, concrete forming wood, wood scraps and concrete scraps, all from Renzo’s building, and I also found a very special jewel (okay a 300 pound jewel) on the bottom of the “Concrete Only” dumpster. Buried under new concrete scraps were a bunch of saw cut concrete cubes, about 12′ x 12″ that were cut from the Kahn building where there will be an underground tunnel connecting the two buildings. This concrete was below ground so you can’t see where it was removed from, and the location will remain underground, but it is nonetheless Kahn concrete, and it will, no doubt, add some very special fairy dust to a clay or glaze in this project. The “Concrete Only” dumpster was picked up and hauled to the dump this afternoon, so my timing and luck were perfect.


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  1. you are so cool, love this process you are going through, so large, yet so intimate…

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