Making and Testing Wood Ash

I have split some logs of each of the three woods I have from the site (Cedar, Elm and Oak) and taken them home to burn in our file place. Then cleaned the ash and am now testing it on its own as a “slip”.

These first pictures are using just cedar ash and water mixed into a thick slurry and brushed onto leather hard pots, in one case over another clay slip and with dry ash just sprinkled onto the pot (pot k3.12). The results are interesting, but not what I had hoped for at all. Cone 5 is not hot enough to melt the ash on its own, but in some cases the pots melted anyway. Or the ash is dry and unmelted, and not textural enough to be interesting as it is. Next I’ll try the ash on bisqued pots, and also try firing this clay to cone 6, and then try the ash mixed with clay to lower the melting temperature.




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