As the deadline to finish the three large pots for the Kimbell’s 40th approaches, we have ramped up the pace of activity on the project, moving it from simmer on a back burner to boil on a front burner.

Since the last post in May, we have set aside clay #3 as it has proven too unreliable. So at this point we are focusing on clay #5 and working on scaling up the test pots, and developing glazes at the same time.

The clay fails and melts at cone 5 and above, so we are operating at cone 02 for now. Here are some glaze tests using different ingredients from the site. In the glazes we are using three different clays (#1, #6, #7) each of which I have only a very small amount, so they are appropriate as glaze ingredients, not as clay bodies. One is white, one very black and one very red, so the results are varied and interesting.

I will probably use there different glazes, one per pot, to further articulate each piece, beyond just their forms.

Here we are making some more wood ash from Kimbell trees for the glaze tests. Below are glaze test batches and then test tiles and some results. There are some promising glazes coming out.


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