Phase one is done

After almost exactly two years of working on this project, I shipped three large pots to Ft Worth last week. These pots are for a site specific installation in the courtyard of the Kimbell, and will be up from October 5th to December 30th, in conjunction with the show: The Kimbell at 40 an evolving masterpiece.

The pots really embody the challenges of the materials.

This is the text that will be on the wall near the pots.

Adam Silverman: Reverse Archaeology, The Kimbell Pots. 2010-2012

This site specific installation was made entirely from materials gathered from the Kimbell museum site (Several different clays from the ground, Water from the KImbell fountains, wood ash from trees, cedar shavings, acorns, iron from rust, concrete and travertine). The project is intended as an offering to the Kimbell, this courtyard, and to Louis Kahn and Renzo Piano, by making objects that honor the materials harvested from the site. By combining the use of geometry in form making, with the very primitive technical capabilities of the materials, the resulting vessels feel as if they came from, and belong to, this location (Ft. Worth and The Kimbell).


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